Research on the Asian Model of Age-friendly Cities in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
(4차 산업혁명 시대 고령친화도시의 아시아적 모델 연구)
Role: Principal Investigator 
Date: May 2017 – Cont.
Funding: National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단) 

Artificial Intelligence Fairness: Social Science Domain 
(공정한 인공지능 사회과학 연구/ A sub-project of 'The Development of Framework Supporting Analysis, Detection, Mitigation, and Elimination of Bias in AI,' PI: Chang D. Yoo) 
Role: Principal Investigator
Date: May 2019 – Cont.
Funding: IITP (정보통신기획평가원)

Welfare Technology and Active Aging Using a Living Lab Approach: An Exploratory Study
(복지기술과 활동적 노화에 대한 시험적 연구: 지역사회를 리빙랩으로)
Role: Principal Investigator 
Date: March 2018 – Cont.
Funding: KAIST EWon Fellowship Grants

KAIST’s Leadership for Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
(유엔 지속가능발전 목표 달성에 있어서의 카이스트 리더쉽)
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PIs: So Young Kim & Kyung Ryul Park)
Date: July 2019 – Cont.
Funding: KAIST International Collaboration Signature Project

Center for Anthropocene Studies
(인류세 연구센터) 
Role: Co-Investigator (PI: Buhm Soon Park)
Date: June 2018 – Cont.
Funding: National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단)

Selected Completed Research Projects

MATURE - Meeting the Challenges in Population Ageing Through Innovation and Successful Implementation of Care and Welfare
Role: Consultant (PI: Anu Siren)
Date: January 2017 –  December 2019
Funding: The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (덴마크 과학기술혁신부)

National and Regional Response for Healthy Aging and Well-Dying: Focusing Regional Social Capital and Developing Institution for Well-Dying and Ethically Successful Aging 
(노인의 건강한 노화와 웰다잉에 대한 국가 및 지역적 대응: 웰다잉과 윤리적 성공노화기술 활용을 위한 지역사회자본의 확충과 제도 구축을 중심으로) 
Role: Co-Investigator (Soon Eun Kim, P.I.)
Date: September 2016 – August 2019
Funding: National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단)

Collaborative Research Project on Gender Tech with the United Nations University 
(과학기술과 성평등에 대한 유엔대학과의 협력연구)
Role: Principal Investigator
Date: January 2017 – December 2017
Funding: KAIST International Collaboration Grants

Socio-spatial Solution of Space Design for Intergenerational Home Sharing 
(공동거주를 위한 인간친화 공간설계 종합솔루션 개발) 
Role: Co-Investigator (Ji-Hyun Lee, P.I.)
Date: October 2016 – July 2017
Funding: National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단) 

Health Outcomes of Life-Space Constriction in Old Age
(노년기 제한된 삶공간이 건강에 미치는 영향)
Role: Principal Investigator 
Date: May 2015 – April 2017
Funding: National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단)

Biosocial and Biopolitical Studies on Bioethics of the Elderly 
(노년의 생명윤리의 생명사회적, 생명정치적 연구)
Role: Co-Investigator (Yi-Jong Suh, PI)
Date: November 2015 – June 2016
Funding: National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단)

Digitalization of Welfare in Ageing Societies
(고령사회 복지의 디지털화) 
Role: Co-Investigator (Anu Siren, PI)
Date: January 2016 – December 2016
Funding: The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science (덴마크 고등교육과학부)

Policies Responding to Demographic Change in Daejeon 
(대전시 인구변화와 대응방안 연구) 
Role: Consultant
Date: March 2015 – November 2015 
Funding: Deajeon Development Institute (대전발전연구원)

Needs Assessment of Mobility Planning Education 
Role: Principal Investigator (Nancy Schoenberg, Co-PI)
Date: July 2013 – June 2014
Funding: University of Kentucky Research Support Grant

Social Disparities in Life-space Mobility among Older Adults
Role: Principal Investigator
Date: July 2012 – June 2014
Funding: New Faculty Development Grants, University of Kentucky Office of the Executive Vice President for Research & College of Social Work

Partners in Relationship: Addressing the Needs of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren 
Role: Co-Investigator (Ginny Sprang, PI)
Date: November 2012 – June 2014
Funding: The Eastern Kentucky United Methodist Health, Education & Welfare Fund

Building an Aging-Mobility Network 
Role: Principal Investigator (Briana Mezuk, Co-PI)
Date: December 2010 – September 2011
Funding: Geriatric Training and Education (GTE) Initiative, Virginia Center on Aging
Role: Principal Investigator
Project Website: (currently under construction)
Outcomes: Trained and educated the gerontological and geriatrics workforce in skills and capacities to promote the mobility of older adults (provided 375 training hours to health professionals); built an Aging-Mobility Network across researchers, health care providers, and other related groups across Virginia to improve community capacity for responding to disability needs of the aging population (built a network across eight institutes and organizations); and increased the awareness among clinicians and community leaders of the importance of transportation alternatives for building age-friendly communities in Virginia (the project website has had 29,740 visits, and 160,524 pages have been reviewed based on the records on December 11, 2011).

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